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Can one be too old to learn how to sing?
8 votes

Very short answer: you can sing at any time you want. You may not sound like Elvis Presley, but you can do it. Another very short answer: you can always start anything. You may not want, or you may ...

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Can anyone help me with the notes-to-holes matrix for my harmonica?
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Following the advice (and hyperlink) from @chasly, Hohner ultimately provided the exact information I needed. I only added colors and formatting. Thank you Chasly! Thank you, Hohner support! Hohner ...

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How can I re-create an instrument sound by superimposing sine waves?
-1 votes

@ggcg already provided very good information, which I will not repeat. I just want to add the following: A very cheap way to play the synthesized sounds you make is to use the sound card of a ...

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