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One of my favorite sequences in Apollo 13 is when they were trying to resolve the problem of how to load a number of circuits in the correct sequence without the system overloading. That's coding.

My questions and answers serve as my resume and skills. Please review thoroughly before contact. Traditional resume available if required.

via: three4seven-6nine2-eight8eight9 (leave a message)

What I do?

My focus has always been a straightforward proposition. How to build something useful to others that would stand the test of time? How to build the app simply (using the laws of simplicity ~ by John Maeda)? How to build a self sustaining solution? My solutions can be found at ( I am a traditionally trained software engineer with experience building solutions for international law firms and other organizations. I care about my products because they bear my name.

"I have gone through the fire and I am amazing."

For more, please visit

What am I doing on SO?

I attempt to leave the site and our world just a little better than I found it, I try to give complete solutions in each question or answer that I put forward.

Why I contribute to SO?

I believe that each of us has a tiny spark of the divine. It is up to each to make a choice to be better than what others say we must be. We can change our world when we do so.

Nota Bene

In each of my answers and questions I try to give a complete (non-trivial) solution. Please review these for a comprehensive breakdown of the issue/resolution. Extracting useful information from everyday problems. Current coding flavors include flutter, hivedb, firebase, iOS, android, html, angular and nodejs. But I can code into any language (I dream in code).

Quick Start Developer Training

A typical student is a beginning programmer with some knowledge in at least one language. Visit Site for Info.

Helpful Mac Tools

  • To setup your Mac OSX system to speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and English or write traditional or simplified characters and pinyin, download the updated toolset from Github or get the original zip file (see demo,tldr;)
  • Language Stuff

Want to become a mobile developer?

I teach online courses using the laws of simplicity and traditional software engineering concepts. For more info; contact [email protected]

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