Scala comes with a very large collection of tunings. Many of these are mysterious to me. Specifically, I'm seeking information about these two:

pyramid_down.scl               12  Upside-Down Wedding Cake (divorce cake) 
t-side2.scl                    12  Tau-on-Side opposite

I'll take anything I can get at this point -- historical information about who made them and why, technical / mathematical information about how they're constructed, examples of their use in music etc.

Incidentally, I have no reason to believe these are related, they just stood out to me when I was exploring the collection. I'm currently using them both in a piece of music so I'd like to be able to say something about them when asked (or even when nobody asks).

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    You probably know that doing SHOW SCALE with different SET ATTRIBUTES values gives you some clues to the mathematics involved. But although I've used a number of the tunings, only occasionally could I find out who had created them or how or why. The Tunings mailing-list closed, then the Yahoo Group, and now I think there is only Facebook, which has four or more groups, each specializing in some aspect of microtonal music. How keen are you to pursue it? I've got a few links and also some names of people who might be able to help. – Old Brixtonian May 28 at 1:55
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    As for examples of their use, I've used Graham Breed's scale of 12 notes to a schismatic fourth and a 19-note scale from Thorvald Kornerup's Golden meantone. I've got some big 'band' and 'orchestral' pieces using 06-41 Hexatonic scale in 41-tet and 07-37 Miller's Porcupine-7 but not the scales you are interested in. Neil Haverstick has pieces of his on his site, mostly using 19 and 34-note E.T., played on specially-fretted guitars. I would guess that a tuning like a wedding cake would have narrow intervals at the top and wide at the base, so divorce cakes would be the opposite. Tau? No idea! – Old Brixtonian May 28 at 3:50
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    Thanks for the insight -- at least I'm not missing something obvious... I'll take any leads you have (regarding these tunings or sources of information in general). I'm more ear-led these days so I'm happy to have found sounds I enjoy but I'd like to at least be able to give credit where it's due. – helveticat May 28 at 8:32

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