in market we have available usb to ttl converter. So can i use them to send midi signals to usb using This circuit https://irq5.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/midi-sch.png?w=640 connected to the pins of usb to ttl converter module

then using software "MIDI Yoke" and "serial to midi converter"

Please tell me if its possible because most of them do it by using the same pins on arduino uno r3

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That circuit is horribly wrong:

  • The connections to pins 4 and 5 of the MIDI connector are exchanged (and that connector is labelled wrong).
  • RB must be 220 Ω.
  • The CNY17 optocoupler is often too slow; use a H11L1, or better a 6N137.
  • RD is too large unless you're using a really fast optocoupler.

But when you're using a correct circuit (see, for example, MIDI IN : many circuits or MIDI to Arduino with a 4N38 Optocoupler), this will work.

It might be a better idea to just buy a cheap USB/MIDI interface cable.

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