Is there any program I can use to map keyboard keys to midi controller keys so that I can use my midi controller piano for typing ?

The reason I want this is because I am willing to create a virtual piano program, but it will be really hard (not that I even know how to) to also imply some sound library or hardware programming so I am trying to find a program that does the midi mapping and allows me to use my midi controller anywhere.

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There is, e.g., Bome MIDI Translator.

However, for controlling a virtual piano with a 'real' MIDI keyboard, it would be a much better idea to read events directly from the MIDI port.

  • Thank you. It took me a little time until I find out how to do that. Then it took time again to bind all the keys I want. But it worked perfectly after all.
    – Malina
    Nov 13, 2015 at 2:36

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