Nowadays the Drop 2 and Drop 3 7th chord voicings for guitar are well-known, especially in Jazz circles. I don't remember hearing about these when I was reading Metal Solo You Can't Play Monthly back in the 80's. I have Chuck Wayne's "Guitar Studies - Chords" book wherein he basically claims to have invented or at least independently developed this system decades ago (50's?) without ever calling it that (but he didn't publish until the 90's). I have also heard that the "Drop __" nomenclature comes from arranging but can't substantiate this.

So my question is what were the first books / schools / artists to introduce Drop 2 and Drop 3 (etc.) voicings by that name as a thing to be learned and where did the concept originate?

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I don’t know when it was first described but in Mel Bay’s Complete Johnny Smith Approach to Guitar on page 92 there is description of Drop 2 voicing vis-a-vis dominant 7 inversions. My copy says it was published in 1980.


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