Is there a way to know if this app (and similar apps) would work with with this MIDI controller (and in general any MIDI controller). Is there a specific way to tell? (not sure if it matters, but I use a Mac)

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    I wouldn't be an authority on this sort of issue but from my experience, most USB MIDI controllers are plug and play, ie, function without any sort of installation/drivers. I am also a Mac user and have had a couple different controllers but they have all been M-Audio. These functioned in both GarageBand and Logic Pro. I could imagine some apps not being as good at handling all controllers but it seems unlikely that a newer app would have a hard time managing controllers. In other words, you're probably all set but maybe try to reach out to the maker of the app or controller to confirm. Jan 26, 2015 at 21:02

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contact the developer and ask. in general midi devices have changed very little since the late 80s. All are interchangeable. The big question is does that midi device have a device driver for the operating system you have.

so do your homework - contact the developer; contact the device manufacturer (or just read the device manufacturer's manual which is undoubtedly available on their website)

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