Regarding woodwind diagram in LilyPond such as:

\markup {
\center-column {
\override #'(size . 0.7) {
\woodwind-diagram #'flute  #'((cc . (oneF two three four five six))
                             (lh . ())
                             (rh . ())) }}} 

... which results in:
flute fingering diagram 123|456

Is it possible to change the diagram somehow to get something like:
flute fingering diagram with alteration Y|123|456

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You can create new patterns using Scheme:

Creating new diagrams is possible, although this will require Scheme ability and may not be accessible to all users. The patterns for the diagrams are in ‘scm/define-woodwind-diagrams.scm’ and ‘scm/display-woodwind-diagrams.scm’.

Source: https://lilypond.org/doc/v2.18/Documentation/source/Documentation/notation/woodwind-diagrams.html

The simplest one might be to make a copy of the whistle scheme file and modify it to your needs.


My friend assist me to defined those Lilybin lines, in order to add additional grafical to wood-wind diagram:

    \version "2.22.1"

% LilyBin
  (woodwind-diagram-x layout props 
    instrument user-draw-commands)
  (symbol? list?)
  #:properties ((upper-hole1 #f)
                (size 1)
                (thickness 0.1)
                (graphical #t))
  (let* ((ww-diagram
          (interpret-markup layout props
             instrument user-draw-commands)))
          (make-circle-stencil size thickness upper-hole1))
          (make-line-stencil (* thickness 2) (* -0.80 size) 0 (* 0.80 size) 0))
          (ly:stencil-combine-at-edge hole-circle Y DOWN midline (* 0.80 size))))
     upper-circle-and-midline Y DOWN ww-diagram (* 0.80 size))

\markup {
  \center-column {
  \override #'(upper-hole1 . #f)
    \override #'(size . 0.7) {
      \woodwind-diagram-x #'flute
      #'((cc . (oneF two three four five six))
         (lh . ())
         (rh . ()))

That works. Thanks a lot guys

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