At this piece of mine, I have the pianist (at an upright piano, with the front lid removed) at a certain point holding down a chord with his left hand and with his right hand strumming the strings of the piano.

I'm looking for a way to notate this on the sheet music. Is there any way to do it, or should I simply use words to explain what he is to do?

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This article may be helpful...

Ishii (2005) The Development of Extended Piano Techniques in Twentieth-Century American Music

Example from the article...

enter image description here


Helmut Lachenmann's Guero for solo piano is replete with plucks and strums, albeit without strummed pitched chords. So adapt his notation: on the staff for the strumming hand, draw a thick diagonal line showing a strum's duration, direction, and force (see 2:30 in the video). In a footnote, indicate that strums range only over undamped strings.

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