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Best method to learn to play barre chords?

I've been trying to learn the F chord for a while now, and I am having a very hard time playing the barre chord. I've read that pulling back slightly with your finger and using the body of the guitar ...
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tips for switching from g chord to c chord on guitar

I've been playing guitar for about a month following Justin guitar's beginners course and I could do some basic chord changes quite fine but I find myself really struggling when I'm trying to change ...
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Is it considered bad technique to collapse / lock finger joints?

I am a beginner at guitar. My friend recently told me that bending my fingers this way while playing a chord can cause damage to the fingers. I cant help playing this way because of force of habit. ...
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Is there a reason an arranger/composer will choose a particular chord voicing when charting chords for guitar on a particular song?

When I look in music books for guitar or chord arrangements (or tabs) online for songs I want to learn to play on guitar, I notice that often a specific voicing for each particular chord is indicated. ...
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How to not play a string between other strings?

The chords uses all strings but the 5th one, the A string, how do I strum strings skipping the A string?
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Fingering of G chord on guitar

Is it recommended to play g chords on a guitar with middle finger and index finger reversed? I find it easier to use the middle finger where the index should be, since it is longer or is this a bad ...
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Guitar Acoustic Best Practice for chords hand

I am new to acoustic guitar . What is best practice for chords hand ? I want to improve my chords' hand speed .
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having a problem with guitar G chord getting all four fingers positioned

Having trouble on guitar with G chord. Can't keep fingers 3 and 4 (pinkie & ring) in position on B and E (2 & 1) while reaching for E (6) with middle finger (2).
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What does "Trad. G" as a chord mean?

Perhaps a beginner question, but I couldn't manage to find the answer online. In the following informal instructions on playing the chords to a guitar song, the author mentions "trad. G": Chords ...
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Is guitar harmful for a heavy computer user?

I have some carpal tunnel evidenced by a perpetually swollen left ring finger and some hand numbness. I just bought a guitar and I have trouble positioning the ring finger on the first string on a G ...
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