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For questions regarding amplitude dynamic-range compression of signals, typically the audio of a music performance.

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Mystery driver I can't identify [closed]

I have a mystery compression driver (tweeter) Hi there, I'm new to working with compression drivers and could use some advice. I have a few questions: How do I identify the make and model of a ...
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Is it better to use a clipper to cut peaks of a audio or a limiter?

One trick that I know to get loud mixes (although I am certainly not a fan of the recent trend where everyone is trying to make a piece as loud as possible) is to cut the peaks of the audio first and ...
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Fixing Compressing Issue During Mastering

I have a mix for mastering with the issue, you can hear in the attached file. The dynamics in the mix, were over- or wrongly compressed so the result is - that dynamics has frequent fluctuations, as ...
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Do I need to put dynamic range compression on my cover songs recording? [closed]

For example I record a guitar cover and I want to know do I need to put dynamic range compression on it because it lasts for 3-4 minutes? Or should I put dynamic range compression on vocals? I ask ...
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How is a Compressor different from Gain/Fader riding?

Compressor reduces a signal's dynamic range but the same can also be done by riding/automating the volume fader. Compressors add coloration but other than that is it any different from fader riding?
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Compression Digital vs Analog

Anyone care to explain the fine points in the difference between analog and digital compression. I understand that the most apparent difference is the method in which the signal is compressed. I’ve ...
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Question regarding Threshold and Ratio on a Compressor

I'm currently studying compression and I have it down packed I think minus one issue. I am able to get the same gain reduction on a signal no matter how high or low my ratio is. If i want a gain ...
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Why does compression seem to improve the fidelity of recording?

I understand the basic idea of compression: increase low amplitude, decrease high amplitude to some 'normalized' middle range. I especially understand how the effect enhances electric guitar to turn ...
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I find it hard to understand compression

Unlike other effects, compression seems to be the hardest for me to recognize as there's no much of notable change when it's applied, so how do you determine if your drums need to be compressed or not?...
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Why do digital mixers use a compressor on each track?

If limiters on master buses can control peaks, then why is it necessary to add a compressor on each track to control peaks? (I am not talking about changing the dynamic of tracks, just pick control ...
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How should I connect my compressor effect to my amplifier?

Just bought an ENGL screamer 50W amplifier and the only thing I miss right now is a decent compressor for the clean channel. I also have a Zoom g9.2tt effects device and I was thinking of connecting ...
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What Does a Compressor Pedal Do?

Quite often, when I see a pedalboard of guitarists I admire, there is a compressor pedal in the chain. How exactly does this pedal affect the sound?
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