I need this for an Ossia staff that only appears for a single bar, like this:

This needs an open hairpin

The real hairpin starts before that bar (like the 2nd one), but spanning the hairpin where the lower one starts doesn't look accurate, and there's the barline midways.

I know that it can be done with a white box in a markup, but I want to see first if anything like moving the starting points of the hairpin lines can be done, before I try rewriting some things for the Ossia staff.

Also, is there a way to put a text to the side of the Ossia staff that says "Ossia" just like an instrumentName but not where the instrumentName appears?


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I recommend starting the ossia one measure earlier.

As an example, here is an ossia from Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (S.244/2), mm. 378-379 (Peter Raabe Musikalische Werke edition). Note that the first ossia measure is identical to the "primary" notation.

Ossia begins with identical measure to accommodate hairpin crescendo starting in that bar

Alternatively, use "cresc." and a dotted line, if feasible. You can place the ossia "cresc." in parentheses to make clear it's not a new instruction.

Ossia text

You can use this code to place the text, adjusting the offsets as needed.

    \override InstrumentName.extra-offset = #'(MY-X-OFFSET . MY-Y-OFFSET)
    instrumentName = "Ossia"

Code courtesy of the accepted answer to Lilypond: How to create an ossia Staff above a PianoStaff?

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