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How loud are tubular bells?

I would like to score a climactic moment in a piece as follows.... a 40 person chorus, (assume a professional adult group) will be singing fortissimo clusters. Can I expect two notes struck ...
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Snare drum volume vs. chorus

A choir is rehearsing a piece of mine for voices (approx. 30 people, SATB), piano, violin, and snare drum. In a fast/loud section, the snare drum overpowers the chorus. It's probably too late to ...
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Mix multiple audio signals together from TRS cables

I have a drum machine that gives out separate outputs for each one of its 11 sounds. I've found that I don't really need 11 outputs and some of these can be grouped, e.g one signal that has the low/...
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Is there a way to balance the panning of an audio file?

I am using Logic Pro as my DAW, and I have an audio file that has a signal completely panned to the right side. So, I decided I would turn the pan knob to the left, but of course, there is no audio ...
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Connect mixer to fm xmtr, noise-free, xlr to unbalanced? Can I run the length first balanced, then adapt? (Church)

I'm trying to wire up a CZH 12V CZE-7C FM TRANSMITTER at church with stereo, its just pushing mono right now. I have to make a purchase to get the correct cabling. The xmtr is installed in the foyer, ...
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Jazz chord balancing on Piano [closed]

When playing a chord on a piano, how should the volumes of each degree of the chord be balanced. I am thinking that since the perfect fifth is often omitted, maybe it should be played softer if it was ...
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Connecting TRS Mono to TRS Stereo [closed]

What will happen if I connect TRS Mono output on my audio interface to an unbalanced stereo input on my monitor speakers using a 1/4 TRS to 1/8 TRS cable? Just curious, what will happen. I saw a ...
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Why such a difference in balance adding 1 instrument?

I am writing a canon for piano quintet and I notice I'm getting a lot of balance issues. When it starts with 2 measures of piano solo, of course there are no such issues. I introduce new variations ...
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