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1 answer

Do flamenco guitarists use distinctive chords?

Classical guitarist here. Does flamenco guitar use distinctive chords (other than, say, the major, minor, augmented, and diminished triads and seventh chords), or is it just the favored modes, chord ...
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2 answers

Could anyone help with understanding this passage about flamenco guitar theory?

Could someone help me understand this passage about flamenco guitar theory? Secondary Dominant Scales It is well known that scale patterns are used in Flamenco, and are related in their layout on ...
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9 votes
4 answers

What is the most common flamenco guitar scale?

I've noticed that strumming from an F to an E chord, or even just the note itself, produces a characteristic flamenco sound, if the root is E. What are the other notes to this scale?
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3 votes
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Why Different Rasgueado exist

I am learning flamenco guitar and currently practicing rasgueado. Traditional rasgueado you have to use all your fingers but i came to know about a-i-i rasgueado , were you ignore your middle finger. ...
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3 votes
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Why do flamenco guitar players use different tensions (gauges) for the bass and treble strings, "colored" treble strings, and a "special" 3rd string?

Looking close to flamenco strings sets, I've noticed that they use different tensions for the bass and treble strings. The bass strings are higher tension than the treble strings. Bass strings are ...
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5 votes
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Which guitar to pick for playing flamenco?

Where I live there are several music shops. Although they sell a great variety of guitars, none has the category "flamenco guitar." I'd like to buy a guitar to play flamenco. What features ...
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