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Suggestionsfor compositions for a short tabla solo for a beginner [closed]

I am an amateur tabla player and have been learning tabla on my own for the past two years. I work full time so I have very little time to practice. That being said, I have learnt to play the theka of ...
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Top-down strokes versus side strokes: what is the most ergonomic drum style between tabla or mridangam/pakhawaj?

Tablas are hand drums that comes by pair which the 2 skins are (nearly) horizontally oriented with the hand moving from top to down, while mridangam/pakhawaj/dol/dolak are hand drums which the 2 skins ...
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Preserving the pitch of Tabla by keeping it in a dry cabinet

I have purchased a dry cabinet to store my camera lenses. I also found out in its manual that you can use it to store instruments and scientific materials as well. I wanted to know if using a dry ...
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Effects of playing excessive Tabla

I have been a Tabla student for a decade. For those of you who don't know, Tabla is an Indian percussion instrument with a big language of rhythmic cycles of its own. I wanted to know if playing ...
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Why does small tabla daaya breaks some time?

Why does the small daaya tabla break some times? And how to avoid it so that it does not break? I have seen in many programs that they keep more than 1 daaya tabla but only 1 baya tabla.
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What is the effect/role of Syahi on the Tabla skins?

What is the effect of Syahi (the black metallic glue) in the middle of Tablas ? What would happen to the sound if it was: removed added twice as more glue The player who had sold me one of his ...
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Should tabla drum produce any buzzing?

Earlier today I was trying out two tabla drum sets in a music shop and I noticed that both sets they had were producing a buzzing sound while being played. I am no tabla player but I have been playing ...
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How to play Tabla in a music composition?

So I've been playing Tabla since I was in 4th grade and I know most of the stuff about it and how to play it (like the Thekas and the Relas and the Kaaydas and all the other good stuff. I learned to ...
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