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Why do some virtual instruments sound more realistic than others?

This may be somewhat subjective, though it may be verified by a breakdown of the audio. But it seems easy to find like drums and other percussion, bass guitar, piano, harpsichord, maybe harps and ...
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How to loop a tune played on keyboard on walk band? Android

I am using walkband Android app for making a tune. But I need a continuous background music to be played while I am playing the main music. How do I play a note and loop it to be played continuously ...
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How to access the lower manual and pedalboard on setBfree Organ emulator

I installed the organ emulator setBfree on a Debian GNU/Linux System. I run it with Jack connected to the simple USB MIDI controller keyboard. This is working fairly well to connect to the upper ...
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Using a MIDI foot switch as MIDI input for my DAW?

I use a Nektar Impact LX61 MIDI keyboard with FL Studio 20. I have a pedal plugged into the 1/4" foot switch jack on the back. Currently, this functions as a "sustain" in that it ...
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VMPK: Use common slider control instead of dial control?

It uses a small dial control (Windows term. Maybe "widget" in Linux/Android term.) for changing the values. Maybe this is for someone who uses a real hardware dial and the dial reflects the ...
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Hitting Snare, Kick and Ride at the same moments in a song

If I virtually (via a DAW) hit the snare, kick and ride at the same moments in a pop-rock song is that hard or challenging for seasoned drummers in case I wanted to play this song live? I would ...
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Virtual Piano: The recorded notes are in the correct order but their duration and the pauses are wrong. How can I easily correct the song?

(Note: I mention that I am unable to play any musical instrument in real time and I will never be.) Can you recommend my a virtual piano (preferably free) that: (1) can record a song as I press the ...
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Enable regular PC keyboard for direct recording Synth1 VST in REAPER?

I'd like to record Synth1 and play wit it in REaper using my PC typing keyboard. I open Synth1 and the keyboard doesn't work as a playing keyboard. How can I enable it to do so having Synth1 opened?
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Do uilleann pipes have a “louder” lower D?

I’ve always loved the skirl of the uilleann pipes ever since I first heard it used in the James Horner’s Titanic OST as a kid. I don’t know much of anything about the instrument (or bagpipes generally)...
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Replacement on Reaper for garageband's virtual drummer?

Recent versions of garageband have a "virtual drummer" that can "follow" a midi song and provide accompaniment in one of several styles (e.g., "rock", "pop", "reggae", ..), and with a 2-dimensional ...
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Virtual synthesizer or piano roll with controllable number of keys per octave?

I am interested in performing and composing in non-twelve tone scales, such as 19-EDO (aka 19-TET) or 31-EDO (aka 31-TET). While there are virtual synthesizers that allow you to play microtonal ...
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2 answers

Sample Library: Orchestra vs Band

I'm an amateur composer interested in purchasing a high quality orchestral sample library like Garritan Personal Orchestra. The problem is that I plan on composing a piece for my schools concert band, ...
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2 answers

Possible Harmonium/Reed Organ Synthesizing Techniques

I am working on a project to make a synthesizer for RaspberryPi capable of playing Harmonium/Reed Organ using external MIDI keyboard. I am making it in Python 2.7 using Numpy. Till now I have ...
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Is there any guitar modelling software for PC?

Note: I am not looking for amp modelling. I know there are many. I am also not looking for midi based PCM synth. What I am looking for is a signal processing software (just like the amp simulators) ...
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In Cubase, why are my MIDI tracks' programs not independent?

I have successfully routed multiple MIDI tracks to different channels of one rack (not track) instance of HALion Sonic SE. When I play them back, their sound reflects the sound selected for the HALion ...
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How to make music link together more naturally - composition

I have been composing some music recently for some orchestra's. I'm just using a simple virtual instrument at the moment, but I do plan on getting better. I find that a lot of music I create feels as ...
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How to setup Ivory ii for a live performance?

I am a keyboard player in a traditional music duo. Our act travels all year round and instead of bringing a 88 key fully weighted keyboard on the plane, we usually have it backlined. The problem is ...
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How can I make a note repeat endlessly when I hold down a key in Garageband?

I have a MIDI keyboard connected to the Apple GarageBand DAW (digital audio workstation) app. Is there an effect setting where I can have a note repeat at a set interval (or tempo) when I hold down a ...
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Beginner finger lessons for virtual piano [closed]

I found the site VIRTUALPIANO NET and would like to learn how to play the virtual piano(VP) using it since I cant afford an actual piano. I decided to start with finger training in the C major scale ...
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Is it common to play several strings of a cello simultaneously?

I am toying around with some cello Vst having basically no experience with playing any string instrument and realized that the sound of my generated sounds is quite artificial which underlines the ...
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Making music digitally -- where should children start?

Digital musical instruments: How could children play with and learn, alongside traditional instruments? And how do the ecosystems for making music in iOS, Android, and Windows tablet compare? ...
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