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4 part counterpoint to chordal harmony transition [closed]

In one of my first solo piano pieces(a Rondo)the A theme is stated, ending on a Picardy third to transition to the second, B theme in the parallel major, which starts in a 4 part counterpoint, and ...
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Modulating from Bbm to Cm in Sword Art Online - Swordland (Main Theme)

I was wondering how the modulation in Sword Art Online - Swordland (Main Theme) from the Bbm in measure 19 to the Cm in measure 27. Particularly I'm curious about why does the B chord in measure 23 ...
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What is it called when there is a slow point/pause in the middle of a song, before returning to normal speed and intensity?

In modern music such as as pop, rock and even dance music, there are times when the music builds to a certain high point (may not necessarily be the most intense point, but fairly intense) and then ...
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the II chord followed by the IV chord in a major key?

I am analyzing the music of [Name of Life arranged by Makiko HIroHashi] ( From measure 29 - 30 it goes from : (First half Measure 29 ): Eb minor [ii] ...
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Transition between scales

I'm new to music theory and I've been learning quite a bit but still have many questions. I would like to know how I could transition between scales on the piano. For example there is a song (a slow ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Is the myth that if you can play one instrument, you can learn another instrument with ease true?

I've heard many people say this: "If you can play one instrument, other instruments will be easy to learn" I just can't help but wonder if this is true. Suppose I'm a professional flute player. ...
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How to improve writing transitions between ideas?

I seem to have the absolute worst time writing transitions. Any musical project that I start that has even a semblance of requiring a transition ends up taking months, trying dozens of combinations of ...
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How do I transition from a classical education to a jazz education in piano and theory?

I’ve been learning piano theory from a classical standpoint on-and-off for about 8 years of my life, and I feel as though I haven’t gotten anywhere. I compose and improvise in my spare time, but I ...
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Transitioning from E minor to an "Asian" G major

For a mutual friend's wedding, a cellist friend and I (violin) are trying to adapt Ludovico Einaudi's "Divenire" for the groomsmen walking in (as it's the groom's favorite song as of late), ...
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What are some technical considerations for transition from violin to cello

I am currently learning cello after playing violin for about 7 years. I was self taught on violin for the first few years but I eventually took lessons with different teachers. Now I am taking cello ...
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