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How was mixolidian mode introduced in Northeastern Brazilian Music?

Northeastern region of Brazil has a great variety of traditional and folkloric music genres. The most well-known genre is forró, followed also by baião and xaxado. These music genres are usually ...
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How do i arrange chords after mixing pentatonic modes?

The Ionian mode which is the Major scale - is the second mode of the minor pentatonic scale (the Major pentatonic scale) plus a Perfect 4th and a Major 7th notes. It is also a combination of, for ...
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How did tetrachords become whole and half steps?

How did the ancient Greek concept of tetrachords evolve into the whole- and half-step model familiar today?
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Hexachordal solmization and the melodic minor scale

How does one sign an ascending melodic minor scale using hexachordal solmization? Here is an example, it's the famous Bourreé by Bach, from the Suite in E minor, BWV 996: We know that Bach used this ...
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One tick lower than B flat minor on 48 Bass accordion

I like the B flat minor chord on my 48 Bass accordion. I play F minor to go up one "tick" (don't know the proper word), but what could I play to go down a tick? There's no A flat minor.
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Why is minor blues called "minor" when it has notes from the major scale?

I have actually been tuning a Bangla language song strictly on B Minor Blues notes so far both the melody and the chords are concerned. I'm done with the tune now. All the minor blues songs I listen ...
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A system to tune sympathetic strings for Western music

I've just got an EHX Ravish pedal and so I'm exploring the sympathetic string function. For standard Western, meantone temperament: diatonic or modal, major or minor melodies what are good rules for ...
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Are there widely accepted names for 31edo modes?

I am looking for scales and modes in 31edo, and I found this page: It's overall a nice library of scales. The issue is, the namings are too unique that I cannot find ...
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Why did the ancient Greeks choose tetrachords?

Why did the ancient Greeks choose tetrachords as the basis for their musical theory rather than some other structure?
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How to make A-scale Bansuri blend into A-scale Tampura

I have A scale Bass Bansuri 6 holes, total length is 23.5", length from embouchure (blowing hole) to Pa (6th and last hole) is 16" I use online Tanpura, ...
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Clichéd Chinese Pentascale?

Oftentimes when a movie is expressing Asian culture, the first five notes of a pentatonic scale (usually in CM) plays in the background, sometimes preceded by a gong. I am wondering why this is and as ...
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Harmony Lines for Pentatonic Melodies

I found this great video on harmonizing pentatonic melodies. By harmonize in the case I mean creating second lines to go with a melody, rather than finding a suitable chord progression. ...
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How to make a I vi iii progression sound like IV ii i

I am trying to write a song that incorporates a tonally ambiguous chord progression and a tonally ambiguous melody. I like the sound of G > Em > Bm > Bm. How can I write a melody to this to ...
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Is there music theoretical 'pattern' in ending themes?

I don't know if I should ask this here or in . I'm also not sure if the wording of my question is fine. So feel free to suggest corrections. I tend to like ending ...
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