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Can you use both diatonic major and minor scale with any mode?

'Only supposed to' is the key! So many questions on this site seem to feel that music theory is music law, and to contavene that is bad. Music theory is basically based on what actually has been found ...
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Why did Beethoven include "in the Lydian Mode" in the title of String Quartet, Op.132 - 3?

It’s a nod to Mozart’s k475 which is itself a nod to Bach’s Musical Offering.
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Does this mode of voice have a name and a use?

Nodules on your vocal chords appear at about 1/3, so some people manage to get the two sections to vibrate independently in what is close to an octave. The singer of the funk band Slickaphonics used ...
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Does this mode of voice have a name and a use?

It sounds like false chords to me. I can't promise that's it, but just a guess. I would look into a bunch of techniques and see which one sounds/feels the most like what you're doing. Some ideas are ...
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